Thursday, January 28, 2010

I am a SHE

It dawned on me that I might actually blog more if I started writing things down as they came to me & posted it later instead of doing it all from scratch each time!! LOL Now, this may seem like a "duh" kind of thing to some (like, born organized people), but I am a SHE (sidetracked home executive), and I LOVE spontaneity. But, as with most things in life, where there is balance, there is, well, balance!! LOL There is room for both.

So, some of this post is taken from notes, and some just pop into my mind!! How fun!! And, hopefully, no one else will know the difference :) LOL

Well, since that's over with, let's move on, K?

I don't do New Year's Resolutions. My resolution changes. But, having somehting on a To Do List is different. I like To Do Lists. I love them, actually, because they help me (again, a SHE) stay focused.

So, here is my To Do List, not to necessarily be completed this year. Some things are just not gonna happen this year (see #1), but I want it on there to remind me that I want to go there someday... does that make sense? Of course, not, but it does to me...

Anyways, here it is:

1. Take the kids to Disney World, and stay at one of their resorts.

2. Continue on my quest to exercise & eat healthily regardless of my feelings.

3. Become persistent about orgainizing our home. Surely there is a way to organize our stuff & KEEP it that way...

4. Paint the house (inside).

5. Re-decorate Abbey's room. She's never had a bedspread/comforter that matches her room ever since she's had the big girl bed...and it bugs me.

6. Scrapbook more. Or should that just be: scrapbook. I don't get to do it nearly enough, especially not enough lately to even refer to myself as a scrapbooker...sad.

7. Be more diligent with Flylady's methods of decluttering and keeping it that way...I can dream.

Now, what I like about this list is that it's check-off-able and carry-over-able. There is no "done" To Do list...there is ALWAYS something to do... And, with a To Do list, there's a sense of priority...Such as, what's more important, Disney World, or being one year healthier? Disney World can be carried over, but healthy living is an immediate need.

There is a downside... Accountability. That's where the blogosphere comes in, I guess. I will always have this post to refer to, and can update, I don't know, bi-yearly? We'll see...

Thanks for hanging in there!! LOL I really need to start sharing, from this year, not 2 years ago!! Maybe that should go on my To Do list!! HA!!

Love ya!! :)


Kelley said...

I jot things down like that all the time. I never remember everything during the day so I just sit down with my phone at night and type out all my notes! Can't wait to see pictures!

Sara said...

Excellent list and yay for me reading blogs again! Love ya!