Thursday, June 15, 2006

So, insert "Gardner-Wannabe-Blinkie" here LOL I've been tinkering around in the backyard this week, and we finally got my little plants into the ground last night. Bless King's heart, he dug up a circle for me, and that took a while...then he started in the front flower beds while I got to finally stick my precious veggies in the ground. I also put up a little wire garden fence around my garden, not that it'll be much of a deterrant for all those rabbits we've got bouncin' around back there...but, it looks cute, and that's all that matters, right? LOL

Before we got started in the ground, Princess & I went to Lowe's to get that little fencing. I got it for $3!! It was clearenced...I got 2, because I didn't know how much we'd need, and at 3 bucks, I figured it was worth having extra anyways...So, since I spent a lot less than I was expecting to spend on that, I indulged and bought these little words on sticks for the front flower bed!! I LOVE them!! One says "Live" one says "Love" and one says "Laugh" :) Have you seen those words in metal that are white, and sometimes they have glitter on 'em? Well, think those, in a scrollier kind of font & kinda black/coppery looking on a black wroght iron stick :) LOL That's as good as I can describe them!! LOL I really like 'em, and once we get the front flower beds done, I'll take a picture for you!! LOL :)

So, before we even started working on the yard, we grilled out (again...I got King a gas grill for Father's Day, and we've grilled out ever since last Friday night, except for Sunday, Monday, and tonight!! LOL) Anyways, we had kabobs, and they were pretty yummy...some steak, some chicken, and with mushrooms, green peppers, red peppers, and onions...YUUUUUMMMM, we'll have to do that again...and maybe baste them next time with A1 sauce or something, because they were a little dry...still yummy, though :) After we got done with the yard, we went to DQ for a treat, and MAN was it yummy!! It's literally been years since I've been to was very good...

So, that brings us to today, I guess...oh, well, we had a great weekend. Saturday, Daisy & BB, and Mom & Dad came over for a late nite grill out...we didn't eat til about 9:30 or so because BB didn't get off work until late, and we wanted to grill out...that was fun :) Then, Sunday, we just kinda hung out, and ended up at Mom & Dad's just chillin' for the evening...Monday I had a friend from church over for lunch, and she brought her 2 kiddos over, and they had a GREAT time playing with Princess in the backyard, and we had a REALLY nice chat & girl time :) Then, Mon. nite, King helped another family from church move some more stuff from their house ( a little misleading, but what're ya gonna do, ya know? He was under the impression they just wanted to move their deep freezer, and it ended up being a bunch of stuff/loads from their garage, mostly big heavy stuff...) BUT, they fed all of us dinner, although late, and they really don't have anyone else to call on, so it's only partly a thing...gotta help when people need it, ya know? Anyways, Tuesday King went golfing & we ate at Golden Corral...and last night was already mentioned!! LOL Tonight is PT practice, and I'm hoping we can try out Fox's Pizza tonight :) They're really good, just an FYI :) And, I think they're the only one around here except for in Enon...

Anyways, that's what's been going on with me...I'm not usually this busy, but it's just been like this...there's always something...I hope you guys are OK, and I'm trying to catch up on the Journal Goddesses, but if I miss something, please don't be offended!! :) I'm just a little anti-computer lately...

Okay, better go...I need to water my veggies for the day :) LOL


Missy said...

My eyes have a hard time reading through the stars...but I LOVE your journal look!!!!

Isn't it so fun to have a house to do all that fun stuff with?!? I am excited for you guys!

I can't wait to see you on Saturday. It has been way too long! I-Man asks about your Princess and when he gets to go to your house again!!!

Love ya and so glad you posted! I miss you when you are not around!

Love ya!

Kelley said...

It's been WAAAAAAAAY too long since you've journaled!!! I've missed ya!!!! Sounds like you have got a cute little area outside'll have to take some pictures!!!!

Missed ya girlie! Glad your back!!!

Lots of Love!