Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Good Evening, Journal Goddesses!! I feel like it's been forever since I've posted, but I guess it's only been a couple of days...The weekend was VERY nice, and we had a great time at Aunt&Uncle's anniversary party :) The gals did a GREAT job of putting things together & making it fun for everyone :) I loved watching Princess & FAB play together!! So much fun :)

Anyways, WE HAVE CENTRAL AIR AGAIN!! PRAISE THE LORD!! Our HVAC guy from church was kind enough to come & install it for us tonight :) It's just really starting to cool down, but WOW is it AWESOME!! I love it!! :) And, what a blessing it is to finally have it done!!

We spent a lot of time outside this afternoon. Princess played in her new ladybug sandbox (too cute from Target!!), and was so cute, "Mommy, I made a sand castle!!" was what she kept saying when she'd dump some sand out of her bucket!! LOL So much fun...She also swung on her swing for about 45minutes straight (if not longer) & I got to talk to our neighbors some...She's pg & going in for a C-section in a week, and is kinda nervous about it all...OH, and she knows our OB, Missy!! LOL She actually saw Dr. H's husband for fertility treatment with their 2nd one!! Isn't it a small world? She ended up not going to Dr. H, but said she'd heard a lot of good stuff about her :) I confirmed that it was all true!! :)

We went to WalMart tonight (just me & Princess), and ate at Donald's, then shopped around the garden center for a few things. We needed some potting soil, and I needed a few pots (the CHEAP plastic kind), and just a few miscellanious things...I didn't make my rounds around the store...I wanted to get home & go to bed...but here I still am, up & writing here!! LOL :)

Seriously, I'd better's getting late, and I am actually going to sleep comfortably tonight!! :)


Kelley said...

YEAH for central air! I know you must love it!!!!! Have fun with the sandbox! I bet Princess loves it!

Lots of Love!

Missy said... went to Wal-Mart and only got what you went for? Does that ever happen?!?!?

Yeah, I agree...watching Princess and FAB play together was fun! They are both such little Divas! They were cracking me up with the cake.

You left Princess' cup at our house. I will make sure to get it to you when we see you again.

Have a great day! Yeah for the CA!
Love ya!

Sara said...

Yeah for central air! We are soooo grateful to have that now! Much better than dealing with window airs!

I love Walmart. I just wish I had more money to spend there! Glad you are getting to know your neighbors. That's always nice!

Jodi said...

happy happy joy joy about the CA....I bet that makes life way more bearable! lol and just in time too man! wahooo!

yes I got a kick out of watching Princess and FAB together too....Princess is growing so much!! she is a cutie pie! And I was happy to see the new Diva to be too! Sweetie pie definately lives up to her name!

glad ya had fun! And thanks so much for the help on the game!

Mandalynn said...

LOL, yeah, leaving WalMart with just what I went for is a VERY rare occasion for me!! LOL It was late, or I would've been tempted to browse around & spent WAY more than I intended!! LOL

girlie_mom said...

I could never live without doesn't work well in the van, so we sweat no matter where we go. So glad that you got that taken care of.