Friday, June 02, 2006

I hope you all have had a great Friday!! It's been a pretty good one here at the castle ;) Princess is staying over at Mom & Dad's tonight, and King took me out to dinner & a movie, complete with popcorn. We saw "Failure to Launch" at the Danberry theatre, and before that we ate at TGIFriday's. We weren't impressed. I had ordered a salad with my meal, and we kept waiting & waiting, and then this guy brings out our main meal, and right after him, a lady walks by & says, "Here's your salad." I told her I didn't want it anymore because our main meal was there, and she replies back, smart-alec-like, "Are you sure? You want it to go?" I said back (because her attitude rubbed me the wrong way) "NO. I had wanted that before my meal, and that's why I ordered it." So, they didn't charge me for the salad (you better believe I'd have had words with someone if they had), but our waitress wasn't very cordial after that, and they still charged us for our drinks, even though they messed up...I'm gonna check out their corporate site tonight & see if I can leave a comment there... It wasn't really about the salad, it was about the attitude & lack of apology (real apology, not just "Oh, hehe, I'm sorry." kind of apology, ya know?). They really didn't handle us very well...Makes me mad...

Anyways, after dinner, we went to a movie, and it was OK...the popcorn made it all worth it!! LOL It was kinda cute, but I wish we'd have seen something else...Just My Luck was playing, too, and I wanted to see that...oh, and Benchwarmers...that looks pretty funny...but, like I said, it was all worth it for the popcorn!! LOL

**GRIPE WARNING**Now, King & I just had a fight over the house...he's been very busy with work lately, and hasn't been helping with ANYTHING...In fact, it's like I've got 2 children to pick up after...Our bedroom is a mess because he won't throw any paper with our name on it (which drives me absolutely bonkers!!!!!!!!!!!) away, and it's a "dumping" ground for anything that remotely looks like a bill. I admit, I am totally a pack rat, and have my fair share of junk & stuff, but I look absolutely organized compared to my husband...It's enough for me to want to pull my hair out!!!!!! I just went to throw something away, and he grabbed it out of my hand & said, "That needs to be shredded," and I yelled back, "You don't have TIME to shred anything!!" There is seriously a box, a BIG box, in our bedroom (on his side of the bed) that is "to be shredded." Do you know how long it's been there? Most of those papers are all from either before we moved in, or right around when we moved in...I'm just gonna have to slowly & discreatly let it go behind his back, because it's seriously getting on my nerves...Another thing that's driving me crazy is him doing the laundry...He only "half" does it...I'm lucky if it gets out of the dryer, and even if it does, it sits IN FRONT of the dryer on the floor...So, needless to say, I just had it out with him, and it didn't go over very well...He knows I'm right, I can tell by the way he defended himself, but that doesn't get the stuff out of the dryer...I'm just feeling overwhelmed...There's so much to do to this place, but it seems that no matter how hard I try, it always looks the same, or will look good for an evening, but in 24 hours looks the exact same...I'm really gonna have to consult the FlyLady again...I miss her calmness "You can do it!!" attitude...I'm just too tired to do anything about it right now...**END OF GRIPING**

So, on that positive note (hahaha), I'm gonna get off here & go to bed...I'm sleepy!!


CereneOne said...

Praying for you sister. Do you own a shredder? If so just let the baby help. My kids fight over who gets to help with it! They are not expensive either if you need to get one. Most you can do 5 pages at a time.

As for TGIF I have not eaten there in like 20 years! Not that I don't like them. I had not been around one until we moved here and well we just have not went. I would look into calling the manager first. He may comp you a meal. JMO.


Sara said...

Sorry about your TGIF experience. I would complain too!

At least your hubby knows he's in the wrong. My hubby always has a "good" excuse. He's in school, his back....granted, those are good reasons, but there are still things he's physically able to do and he doesn't! Good luck getting King to help you out!

Kelley said...

Sorry about the fight. I was laughing because we had the same one a few years ago. When we moved to Ohio, things got better 'cuz we got to throw things out. I'm the pack-rat with bills....never know when you might have to check on 5 years ago phone bill! LOL!

I wanna take Pita Pocket to the movies. All of ya'll talk about movies all the time. I'm just gonna have to break down and DO IT!!!!

Lots of Love!