Monday, April 10, 2006

Guess what we're doing today?!?! LOL Yep, today is Day 1 of Potty Training Boot Camp!! LOL :) J/K...Well, it is day 1!! Yeah, and the kid on the pkg. of those pull ups is obviously getting paid to look that happy about potty training, because Princess is NOT thrilled...So far, we're 0 for 3...and she's wet her pull ups twice...So, we need to get a bigger pkg. of pull ups...Good thing we got that coupon in the mail the other day!! $1.50 off, too!!

She's being such a Diva about this...So much for girls being easier to train!! LOL :)

Okay, I know you all have pointers, so even if you've only lurked before, PLEASE, share some advice or a good method to use...We've been going every 15-30 minutes to sit on the potty...And, she's been wet shortly after just sitting on the potty (we're talking 2minutes, and it's really starting to make me mad!! LOL)

WooHoo!! Princess just counted to 14 by herself!! She's counting out loud from another room, and I just heard her!! :) LOL

Okay, better go, it's potty time!! LOL


Sara said...

Potty training, huh? Of course, I don't have any advice to offer, but I'll be reading your blog to get advice for myself for the future! :) Good luck!!! (bribery works wonders! ha ha)

Missy said...

Well, I-Man was very I don't know about any great advice from me. But something that my dad did was he had a "potty basket" full of little toys. Like I am talking LITTLE. Maybe it was a piece of gum or a sticker or a book or whatever. And every time I-Man went potty on the potty, he got a toy. Another thing that Aunt Chatty-Cathy did was have a blank piece of paper on the fridge and every time I-Man or C-Man went potty, they got to put a sticker up on their piece of paper. Then they would celebrate how many stickers they had at the end of the day. Sometimes she would say if you get x number of stickers, you get a special treat or something like that. And I am sure you have done this, but find out what kind of big-girl panties she REALLY wants and buy those. But tell her she can't wear them until she stops peeing in her pull-up.

Side note.....G-boy has been having a hard time going poop on the Friday when I picked the kids up, they had balloons everywhere because they had a poo-poo party when he went poop on the toilet! That is another great idea!!!!

That is all I have! Good luck! We have bought a cute little toilet for FAB but haven't really started trying yet. It won't be long though because she tells us when she needs to have her diaper changed!!!!

Oh, the joys of parenting! Love ya!

Kelley said...

No advice. Pita Pocket is 3 and only pees when he sees another one running to the unless I can have more kids this week and they are like 5 when I push them out, it will be a while before Pita Pocket gets trained! LOL!

I had a friend that just had her son go naked for a week. She made sure that they didn't have to go anywhere for a week and in a week, her boy was potty trained. I'm a little paranoid about my house being peed and pooped all over though! LOL!

Lots of Love!

girlie_mom said...

Consistency is the key. I had started trying with PRetty when she was 18 months. She always wanted to go in the bathroom with us, why not set her on her own toilet?? So then after she turned 2 was when I was home with Boo. We really worked hard. We actually were doing pretty well, then the babysitter didn't want to keep up with it. So then the following Easter I had her trained on Good Friday. That was my Spring Break week and my first day was Good Friday and she was wearing panties. All the time before that she would only go when we weren't at home, weird I know. Then when we were at home and she would have a dry day with no accidents then she would get a treat when Daddy got home. We would talk to her about it and then get out a new little toy or whatever. I would buy like My little Ponies or other super clearance toys just to save for that. I had one left in the closet and this year for Christmas she kept telling everyone that she wanted the Dora house and a My little Pony for Christmas. I had a hard time finding one and then I found one from her potty training time I laughed so hard. Cheap present! We also did like M and M's and skittles or stuff like that too. Gum worked a few days.

Hope that helps,


Jodi said...

umm...childless I'm lurking for future advise...the Poop party cracks me up...but I'm sure that is great positive reinforcement...strange as it may

anyway...this morning on GMA they were interviewing these people that started potty training at 5 MONTHS OLD!!! They called it some sort of bonding experience and there was some other strange word that they referred to it as...but I was thinking that may be a little young but this one lady hasn't had to change a diaper since her child was like 5 or 6 months old...she says she recognizes her child's potty signs and goes and sits the baby on the potty...I'm not sure how practical that is to watch a child that constantly for potty signs lol...anyway...the point is moot for you because Princess isn't 5 months old and I'm rattling on...

but good luck with that!