Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Hey, Everyone :) I feel like I've been missing, but I guess it hasn't really been that long since I last posted...
Nothing much new going on here...just need to get the house straightened up (it ALWAYS needs 'straightened up'), and I think Princess & I will get some ice cream later. She's been playing in the backyard some today, but she REALLY played outside yesterday...We need to get the play kitchen that's at Mom & Dad's & bring it home. The plan is to leave that outside on our back porch for some outside play.
Have I mentioned we've got a visitor in our attic? A honken cat!! We are so mad, we think *someone* (read previous owners, but we have no proof of this) dropped it off here. King found a plastic bowl in the backyard (like for a pet...), and it wasn't in his "to be trashed" pile, and he doesn't remember ever seeing it before...It scratches & pounces up there...One day when we know it's not up there, King's just gonna board up where it's been getting in at...We have an attached shed to our house, and there's a hole in it that leads to the attic...not a big hole, but just big enough for this annoying thing to get in there...Oh, our shed doesn't have a door, either...That's one of those "I need to do that" chores King never has time to get to...Oh, well, this kinda moves it up the priority list :) lol
I'd better go...I've been trying to potty train some, but Princess cries every time I put her on the potty...I've heard & read that if they do this, then take a break & try it again in a couple of days, but I also have a feeling it's also her way of manipulating us a little bit. Oh, crap, I think I hear a bird up there now...Maybe that's our "pet's" kill of the day...
YUCK, I can't wait to get that thing out of there!!
Okay, please pray that we get this cat-thing settled, like, now, because it's starting to freak me out about all the things that could be going on up there!! LOL
Talk to ya'll later :)


Kelley said...

Ewwwww....I do pray that the cat, dead bird and other friends are out soon! I am not good with noises, so that would freak me out too!

You're such a good mommy.....wanna potty train Pita Pocket after Princess???

Lots of Love!

Missy said...

FUN! I remember growing up when our cats would go under our house, in the crawl space...and the racket they would make! I can't imagine up above me! Good luck with that! Oh, the joys of being home-owners! Don't you just wish you could call the landlord to take care of it?!?!? LOL

Girls are good at manipulating their parents....FAB has been pulling her pants down. It is the funniest thing....but when we ask if she wants to sit on the potty she says "NO", very clearly. She has that word down, for sure!!!!!

Love ya and see ya on Sunday. Don't know when....don't know where...but sometime!!!

Love ya!

Jodi said...

could be a cat...or squirrels or a racoon...when we lived in WIL we had squirrels until husband found the hole and boarded it was HIGHLY ANNOYING becuase they would roll their walnuts around up there constantly and then most nights it sounded like they were trying to scratch their way through the ceiling...birds would get in up there too...if you aren't having the cat urine may not be a cat...did ya think of calling an exterminator? I think they deal with small animals too maybe...

at any rate...I hope you get your critter problem fixed...oh and...don't leave peanut butter snadwiches for it whatever ya do!!!! (you'll never live that down ya know! hehehe)

see you this weekend hopefully!!

Sara said...

I hope the animal infestation is gone soon. If not, you can always run a kennel out of your house and make some extra money...ha ha. I like the graphic! Cute! Happy Easter!

Kelley said...

Hope things are going well! Missin' you!
Lots of Love!