Tuesday, June 25, 2013

I Saw It On Pinterest

I have read blog posts that are not big on using that phrase. The idea is that Pinterest didn't do it, the blogger/original creator did/made/took that picture of that thing. I get that. But, I have been introduced to a LOT of new bloggers, new ideas, and products all because of Pinterest. So, I have to say, let's give credit where credit is due! You GO, Pinterest!

It is always good, though, to identify original sources and ideas. There is a reason Pinterest is so popular, and it's because of these original sources and ideas! All the creativity and information is amazing to me!

I guess I should've just called this post "Ode to Pinterest."

I have done some really cute things, some not turning out like they *should* and some that turned out better than I expected. I have used the basic concept of things and made it my own. I have printed out that free printable and have cute frame-able wall art for all seasons and occasions.

I love Pinterest.

I have had so much fun and comical moments because of Pinterest (and yummy stuff, too! And, not so yummy...).

I thought it would be fun to share the ups and downs of actually trying some of the stuff I have so much time pinning! It's fun, and I just want to inspire you to try out that new recipe or craft or decor or ingenious simple trick I wish I'd thought of first. (haha)

Since it's the start of summer, I wanted to share what we actually did tonight! Our old fire pit is rusted out and yucky. So, it had to go. Bye-bye Summer S'mores. Bummer.

Then, I came across this pin.

Nest of Posies to save the summer!!

Such a simple idea, so yummy, and cheaper than buying a new fire pit! And, fun!!

Her directions are great, so just click on her link up there, and you can have your very own table top s'more fire. I forgot about that little paver, but we will use that when we do this again.

Definitely cheaper than a new fire pit (although we have that coming up in our own little DIY), and not as messy (or HOT) as a big ol' firepit on an 80 degree summer night.

Honestly, I was a little scared I'd used too many bricks, and too big a pot!
 But, it went down pretty quickly.
 See, the fire went down to a nice little guy... No worries.
 Aren't those toasty marshmallows pretty? 
We had a lot of burned up ones, too! We're not picky!
See? They were LOVING it! 
They had just had a water balloon fight and playing with their squirt guns.
Then we topped the evening off with catching some lightning bugs.

I love summer.

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Jodi said...

love this! I am a huge Pinterest fan too! I have thought about having a party or something where everyone brings their favorite pinterest recipe!