Monday, June 17, 2013

Happy Monday!

SO oxymoron-ish.

I'm thankful for this new week, though. It's another day to enjoy my children, to learn and to grow as we teach each other and learn how to do life together.

We had an awesome weekend! Father's Day weekend was so much fun! Steve had the awesome idea to go to Cincinnati to the Bass Pro Shop. They were having a Children's Summer Camp kind of thing, with crafts and special activities.

Abbey as Pocahontas! :)

The Great Abbey and Daddy Shoot-Out!
(they tied!!LOL)

Abbey shot it in the bullseye area!
The guys working the shooting range were calling her Annie Oakley! 
They said she was the best shot they'd had that day!

Eli wanted no part of the shooting, bb gun or arrows... He wanted to fish!

All that out-doorsy stuff gave me the idea to make this for Father's Day. Warning: It is extremely addicting! By the end of the night, there were not even crumbs left! Even my brother-in-law Matt loved them, and he does NOT like chocolate, or s'mores... It's seriously yummy.

Here's a teaser in case you didn't click that link up there...

Oh, yeah, it's that good, folks. Amazing, really. 
It's a s'more without the fire and hassle. It's amazing. 
And, yes, Cuz Friends, I am taking this to Reunion this year.

I hope you all had fun celebrating the fathers in your life this past weekend. I sure did. I am so thankful for my Dad and my Husband, who I think are the best Daddies in the world :) I've been blessed with quite a few good men who have been Godly influences in my life, in the form of Uncles and cousins. 

Feeling Blessed, my friends, feeling very blessed.

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Jodi said...

love this! we will have to get out our bows and bb guns and go fishing in the spring! so happy to re-discover that you are/were blogging again! I had given up checking and then stopped blogging myself. I am inspired!