Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The Homeschool Mother's Journal (Blog Hop)

I'm joining the Homeschool Chick's blog hop again, but I didn't make the deadline for last week, so this is actually from the week before! haha (March 31-April 4th is highlighted, especially) Please show me some grace! We've been very busy & very exhausted...but having fun! And, I promise I will try to do at least one other post a week that isn't HMJ related!! HA!!

In my life this week... We’ve been getting over a very crazy weekend!! We went to the Midwest Homeschool Convention in Cincinnati last weekend (we went down on Thursday, left late Saturday night). We took a MUCH needed day off on Sunday, then Monday morning went back to Cincinnati for a day at Newport Aquarium with our homeschool group PEACH.

In our homeschool this week... Still focusing on the basics. Because we were gone, we didn’t “do” much school, but focused on where we were & where we want to go with homeschooling. The Convention was, of course, ideal for that!! Haha

Places we're going and people we're seeing... I’ve already mentioned the top 2 places we went to this week!! But, I’m sorry to say we didn’t really get to slow down much this week. Tuesday we took Eli to class, went to the Library; Wednesday we stuck around home most of the day then went to church (I’m teaching our Youth group on Wednesdays for a short time right now). Then, Thursday it was back to Eli’s class & the Library!! BUSY!! We were out all day yesterday After we stopped at Target & shoe shopped (UGH!!), both of the kids fell asleep in the back seat. So, I drove around & we ended up in my parent’s town (15min away, not another long day trip! HA!) & played at the new park playground there as a special treat. Eli went to bed SO easily!! I’m looking forward to a low-key weekend THIS weekend! We’ll see if I’m successful!

My favorite thing this week was... The Homeschool Convention. And Newport. I guess just spending time as a family made both of those things MORE special. It wasn’t easy taking the kids to the Convention , but it was worth it to all be together.

What's working/not working for us... Things are going pretty well. No new changes, yet, but I have a few ideas floating around in my head that I’d like to start implementing.

Homeschool questions/thoughts I have... One of the best things I’ve heard that just brings RELIEF & JOY to my soul is from a book Steve got me from the Convention by Todd Wilson. HE.IS.HILARIOUS. Just sayin
Keeping it real. Stop wearing a mask. Stop comparing what I’m doing to what others are doing. We’re not all perfect! Let go of my often too-high expectations & have fun enjoying my kids. Seriously, I don’t think I do that enough.

A photo, video, link, or quote to share...

{Abbey's highlight of the whole convention! Meeting Jessa & Jana Duggar... Them, and seeing Tim Hawkins!}

{I think Steve's face is priceless! Our homeschool group had a ps-like "meet-the-reptile" session!}

{Eli's favorite! NEMO!}

{Our family's favorite! The Penguins!}

The Homeschool Mother's Journal

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MommyKuehner said...

Wow...I keep seeing all these wonderful experiences people had at Cinci...so wish I would've went!!

Have a great week...over from HSMJ!