Sunday, June 20, 2010

How Do You Know You're A Grown-Up?

When you start parenting your Mother!! LOL No, no, we're not talking retirement home or anything, but Chelle & I had to break out the "Mommy Look".....on our Mom. Weird.

Some of you who know my Mom get this. It's a weird story. My Mom is calm, cool & collected 99.9% of the time. When she freaks out, there is usually a very good reason and no other appropriate reaction BUT to freak out. It has to BIG. Monumental. We're talking natural disasters, terrorist attacks, major accidents, that sort of thing. We rarely see her FREAK.OUT.

As we were leaving the beach, and Chelle & I had gotten waylaid on our way from the beach to our shuttle bus because of the gift shops along the way. We were checking out & got wind that it was time to GO, the shuttles were leaving. So, thinking that our very calm cool and collected Mom was probably already on said bus, Chelle & I proceed to the bus, get a great seat considering the bus was packed & looked around. Mom was nowhere to be found. Then, we saw the rest of our Posse heading towards the buses & thought, "Oh, there she....wait, nope, she's not with them." So, we sit on the bus, our "wise" cousin Jodi sitting across the isle from me, and Chelle & I are going back & forth, "Maybe she thinks we're still in that gift shop. Maybe she's waiting on us. What should we do? Should we go back & get her? I don't know, they're telling us this is the last shuttle back to the dock. Should we just leave her to her own devices? Should we go back?" We look longingly at our wise cousin Jodi, just knowing that she will share with us a nugget of her vast wisdom... Uh, yeah, she shrugs and says, "I don't know what to tell you to do." LOL So, then we're really worrying.

There is a lady coordinating the bus trips back to the dock. I think her main goal is to get everyone on 2 buses so they can save gas on the 3rd bus. I didn't know that then, but looking back, this just makes business sense. We decided that we'd better go after Mom. Just in case she was waiting outside the shops thinking she was waiting on us... The Bus Lady says, "Whoa, whoa, why you getting off?"

We said, "We think our Mom is waiting for us, back there, and we don't want her to get left behind because of us..." We could see her processing this in her business math head. We could see the wheels turning, like, if I let these ladies off, am I going to have to send that third bus?" LOL But, the looks on our faces must've been enough, because she relented & let us off & said, "We'll wait for you & your mother for 5 minutes!" LOL

So, Chelle & I go back down the now deserted areas of the gift shops, and was our poor Mother standing outside, anxiously waiting for her daughters to be done haggling over the price of 2 mini guitars, maracas, and a blanket? Nooooooooo... she was haggling over a RING. She was buying a ring, and Chelle & I both gave her "The Look." She didn't even try to pretend she didn't know what was wrong!! She came out of the shop with her head down!! LOL

We went back to the bus station & watched the bus our cousins were on drive away, and the 3rd empty bus pulled up. Bus Lady says, "You get on this bus!" So, there was the 3 of us, and ONE other couple that rode back on that one lonely bus!! LOL The Bus Lady looked at Mom & shook her finger at her, "You!! You have beautiful daughters! Not every daughter would go after her Mom like that, and you have 2!" LOL So, that was nice :) LOL She got a lecture from the Principal!! LOL :)

Once we got back to the little hot spot back at the dock, we walked around & shopped a little more, then headed back to the ship so we could get ready for a REALLY late dinner & more dancing & karaoke!! :)

And, if you thought the little story above was filled with drama, just get ready for this next doozy!! LOL

We were in our cabin, Chelle had just taken a shower, I was IN the shower, and Mom was cleaning out her beach bag...over the side of our balcony...and while she was shaking the sand out of her bag, her wallet sailed down to the pier and made a little "plop" noise.

Remember the whole little paragraph above about how she never freaks out? Well...SHE.FREAKED.OUT. I've never seen her so frazzled!! LOL I was in the shower, not much I could do, Chelle was at least decent, so while Mom finally got calmed down enough to get a room steward to get ahold of SOMEBODY who could go down & retrieve her wallet, Chelle stands guard over the balcony to, I don't know, look at the wallet? But while she's out there, I hear her yell, "HEY!! That's OURS!!" Apparently, someone on the pier saw the wallet & walked over & picked it up. Chelle then saw Mom & some security officers walking the pier going towards where the wallet was. Once Chelle realized the man who picked it up wasn't stopping to give it to them she yells from the balcony, "MOM!! HE'S GOT IT!!"

I'm out of the shower at this point, and Chelle said that the guy turned around & gave them the wallet.

Mom's sign & sale card was in that wallet (or so we thought at the time), along with her credit card & ID. This all happened around 9p.m. & we were scheduled to leave port at 9:30!! So, there was a time crunch along with the wallet scare. And, evidently, her credit card flew out of the wallet & is now in the bottom of the ocean!!

Mom was DONE. I've never seen her like this. She did come down to watch us karaoke for a bit, but she didn't shower or change from her beach clothes. It was kinda surreal. She doesn't ever leave without makeup or having gotten dressed. But she was DONE. We ate at the Midnight buffet (which was really good) & talked & walked with the Cousins & Aunt Di & Joy & her cousin. It was so nice!! We hadn't all been together at one time like that until that night. Not without dancing & karaoke singing. It was nice to hang out together :) Great night for that :)

I'll have to share the last day of the cruise with you next time. Right now, I don't think I could type any more. I know these recaps are long, and it doesn't look like anyone's even reading them, but I am so thankful for a place to write this out & revisit these memories, if for no one else, than for myself!! :)

Til next time!! :)


Missy said...

I am reading them! And I am sitting at my desk at work with tears in my eyes laughing! Oh what great memories...I WANNA GO BACK!


Jodi said...

I'm sorry I let you down!! lol... didn't know I was "wise" cousin Jodi... "wise butt" maybe lol... anyway... I was wondering if our whole crew should get off and wait for your mom.. so I was sort of bewildered too... I wasn't aware that it was so late either and these were the last buses to go back... I think we were all a little sunburned in our brains! lol

anyway... good times... I'm not sure which night was my favorite... but that last night walking around the pool deck and then singing to the night air is a pretty good memory!