Sunday, May 30, 2010

Cozumel, Mexico

WOW. It's beautiful. And, it's HOT. Now, mind you, I didn't venture off the beaten path in Mexico. It wasn't that kind of trip for me. Keep me in the pretty part that looks like a piece of Disney World. I did tend to tip our drivers a bit more there, though. I don't know why, because the touristy parts are gorgeous, and the beach? Think Kenny Chesney beautiful :) "Toes in the sand, a drink in my hand with no bottom...No shoes, no shirt, no problem..." When we walked from the pier our first sight was the Three Amigos Cantina...yes, from the movie!! LOL That is a family favorite, so we took lots of pictures there, but didn't get anything to drink. I hear they were servin' it up pretty strong!! LOL

My first impression was that the sun was literally boring down on me. I didn't have straps on my bathing suit, and my cover up was halter-style, so my shoulders were bare. Even though I had put on sunscreen before we left the ship, I was starting to worry that it might not be enough, and once we got to the beach, I did, actually, reapply liberally!! LOL

But, before we went to the beach, we perused the touristy gift shops. The buildings were very colorful, and there were palm trees...a very nice part of Mexico :)

Finally, we found our "guide" to the shuttle bus to the beach. Those guys were pretty funny & we had a great ride to the beach. They told us that the last bus back to the pier would be leaving at 6:45. Remember that, it is a clue for what's to come!! HAHA!! :)

The beach was awesome. The ocean, once we got in it, was beautiful. It wasn't a beach that you think of with waves crashing on the sand, it was more like a lake-ish. When we reached the part of the beach where the lounge chairs were, we got umbrellas & started ordering drinks!! HA!! :) It was an open bar included in the price of the excursion, so we took advantage of that & ordered things we normally wouldn't ;) LOL I learned that even though I don't like regular margaritas, I do enjoy a BLUE margarita :) Yum :) There was also a nice buffet lunch there, too. Not cruise ship quality, but it wasn't bad, either :) I believe the beach made up for a lot of the negatives!! HAHA :) They had blue rafts we could use in the ocean that were awesome!! :) It definitely made floating in the ocean more fun :) And, we used those mats when we were done as a lounge chair cushion. Delightful!! Just laying there, with the sound & sights of the ocean, the breeze, the pina colada, it was refreshing!!

But all good things have to come to an end. So, we decided to check out the shops before we made our way back to the shuttle buses. Funny side note... While I was washing the sand off my feet, a couple who had been to Karaoke the night or two before was there & the guy asked in a very thick New York accent, "Hey, you the girl who sang karaoke the other night?" I smiled & said I did. He says, "You were awesome! You should cut a rec-ud."!! LOL It was a struggle to not respond, "You know a guy?" LOL

Then, the co-parenting of my Mother started!! LOL But I think this is enough for one post!! LOL We can revisit Cozumel next time :)

Have I mentioned that I had a blast? I can't wait for the next cruise!! :)

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