Thursday, May 17, 2007

Okay, so I am totally upset on FlyLady's behalf. She's been getting some funky feedback about all her reminders & testimonials & stuff. You know, they can be overwhelming, but after you realize that you don't have to read each & every one, that Flylady's all about how it fits into your life, you can delete most, read a couple, or delete them all, or read them all...Anyways, I'm just frustrated that there are ladies COMPLAINING about a TOTALLY FREE service & CHAOS control help...again FOR FREE!!

Anyways, I totally love the Flylady, and you have to know, I'm not the world's best housekeeper by any stretch of the imagination, and I've definately gone through a funk lately, and my house is pretty much total CHAOS (Can't Have Anyone Over Syndrome), but just doing a little bit of her stuff a day is really helping. It's just great knowing that I'm not the only one who is living in CHAOS...Not everyone is BO (born-organized), and I'm DEFINATELY not...okay, in ways I am, but I've definately got an "all or nothing" mentality, and get overwhelmed when it's "nothing." Anyways, visit for more inspiration about getting out of CHAOS!! :)

Okay, moving on...

Steve did NOT win the Idol tickets, and seriously, since Melinda isn't in the final 2, I don't really wanna go, anyways!! I mean, it would've been cool, but my gal Melinda was cheated, ya'll!! LOL I was a little ticked off!! But, thank you all for your votes & support!! It was exciting!!

Of course, I didn't have time to vote on Tues. night, so I really can't complain. I know there's a lot of Jordin lovers out there, but there's something about her I'm just not diggin'. I think it's the McFee feeling of last year...What's his name, Beat Box Boy...oh, yeah, Blake, I had a brain freeze...he's alright, but he's not my favorite, either. I think my Dad wants him to win, though. We'll see...

Oh, and what did you think of Elliot Yamin?!?! I'm not sure I like the hair...But his teeth look great!! :) I just love hearing that dude sing!! :) (LOL @ 'dude').

Tonight was PT practice, and it went well. Steve sang!! I don't know that he'll get up there on Sunday or not, but it was pretty neat that he came tonight.

Besides our fearless leader Jeff, it was just me, and then Steve later, there for practice tonight (oh, and our bass player, drummer, & "sound guy" (using that description loosely!! LOL)). But it was kinda fun just to sing harmony wherever I wanted, as kinda like a back up singer to was fun. I have no idea if there'll be more singers on Sunday, and like I said, I don't know that Steve will sing up there Sunday because we keep Abbey in the sanctuary until sermon time.

So, it was a good time tonight...Oh, and I found out that our PraiseFest is gonna be a little different this year. It's gonna be on Sunday instead of Saturday, and we'll just have church outside first, and then eat lunch, and then have more music with guest PT's & groups & such. Now, in the churches I grew up in, that's called a Homecoming service!! LOL But, there aren't a whole lot of hillbillies at this church, so there ya go.

I'd better go. It's past Abbey's bedtime, and Steve putting her down is not sounding promising.

Love you all!!


Kelley said...

Sorry that ya'll didn't win the tickets, but yep, Melinda got robbed! I really thought that Blake was going home. I really wanted it to be between Jordin and Melinda. She'll get a deal no matter what, but she really should have been in the top two!

Okay, I LOVE flylady, but I had to quit because of all the e-mails, but who in the world would complain about a free service? Do people not realize that IT'S NOT ALL ABOUT THEM!?!?! That is my new phrase! lol!

I LOVE your CHAOS and BO....I will HAVE to use those!

Lots of Love!

Sara said...

Yeah, I have to say if you don't like it, then just don't sign up! Duh! I think it's great when people put free tips and stuff out there!

Sorry that Steve didn't win. I was really pulling for you all! I wasn't a huge Melinda fan, but I can definitely admit she was the best singer there and it probably should have been down to her and Jordin. Unfortunately, it's NOT a singing competition, but a popularity contest, so there ya go! LOL. I do like Jordin, though. I'm rooting for her!

How neat if Steve's newfound "fame" in singing would put him on the praise team! Here's hoping he has the courage to sing up there Sunday! Love ya!