Friday, September 25, 2009

I've Added Another Blog to the Mommy Princess Series!

HAHAHA...Seriously, I have. It's called "The Scrappy Mommy Princess" and it will be linked to my facebook & etsy accounts. I want to start selling home-made/pre-made kits on to help supplement our income, and connected to that, I want to have a blog with updates, and my scrapbooking philosophies for all to see & read & contemplate.

It's not all about the's ALL about the Love...that's the heart of my scrapbooking philosophy. As much fun as all the embelishments, patterned paper, different types of books & albums, and crazy awesome layouts, there's really only one reason we scrappers's the love, man...

And, no, I haven't necessarily turned into a hippy!! LOL :)

Homeschooling's still going well. This week I haven't felt the greatest (gotta love TOM), so we've had a pretty lax schedule, but other than that, it's been going really well. We keep pluggin' along. I have to remember, too, it's not all about the clock. "Classroom" school, kids aren't sitting & studying & doing worksheets for a whole 7 hours...there are lots of transitions, and transitions may (or may not, I guess) take more time because of class volume...ANYWAY, just because we don't get everything done in my pre-ordained (HA!) schedule, doesn't mean we're not getting anything done!! :)

I'm singing (along with Jeff, our Worship Minister) @ Emmaus Women's Walk tomorrow. A new song called "Beautiful" by Kari Jobe...GORGEOUS!! I LOVE IT...Anyways, Jodi & Missy will know what I mean when I say "dying communion." That's when I'm singing...Here's the Youtube version...

That's what I'm leaving you with today...I can't top that!! :)

Love you all!! :)


Lindsey said...

Thanks so much for sharing! What a beautiful song -- such simple Truth there. I know you'll really be a blessing to all those who hear you tomorrow. Also, can't wait to check out the new blog!

Missy said...

I saw Jeff Saturday night and he told me it was AMAZING when you sang....and Mamie said that the dying moments communion was awesome. I wish I could've heard it!!!!

Love ya!