Thursday, July 24, 2008


It's really been a LOOOOONG time since I've posted, huh? I feel like it, anyway... Those first weeks after Eli was born seem so long ago already...Time sure doesn't stand still, does it?

We've kept pretty busy so far this summer...I knew that with a newborn, we wouldn't be able to do as much as I would've liked to do this summer, but we pretty much did nothing last summer, so I feel like we should attempt more this year. We've been to the pool once...I wanted to go more, but I can't always count on Mom to be able to watch Eli, but Abbey LOVED Kett. Rec!! I did, too, for that matter!! We want to go to Splash! Moraine before summer's out, too. I'd love to go back to Kett. Rec, again, too, maybe one day my Aunt has Missy's kiddos there...

Anyways, I'll do a Missy-style recap!! :)

Steve~ has been doing pretty good!! He's taken his last finals this week & is done with school until October!! WOOHOO!! And, he's only taking one class that semester, and then he's DONE!! I'm thinking of having a Graduation-type party for him, maybe at Marion's or something, to celebrate. I don't think he had one when he graduated from business school, and I want to do something to let him know without a doubt that I'm proud of him!! He's pretty busy, still, with his church commtiments. The difference in our church committments is that his involves a lot more meetings...mine will, eventually, but not as often as his are. He said he's thinking about not being Church Clerk next year, but he's only mentioned that once, so we'll see. He's on the Stewardship Committee, too, and I know that makes him frustrated, for more reasons than I can barely grasp, really, let alone share with you all!! LOL To put it as simply as I can, it's not just financial stuff that's frustrating him, but the lack of organization & lack of protocol that has him fired up...Actually, our church could really use your prayers in this...Sometimes that kind of stuff can feel like such a huge problem, and it's not just a problem with Stewardship, it's in every doesn't feel like we're working together, it feels like we're working separately...Maybe that doesn't make sense to you, but just keep us in your prayers that we, as a church, would work as a team, instead of individuals... ANYWAYS, I'm very proud of him for being so involved & caring so much about where our church is going, what we need to leave behind, etc...

Abbey~ She's "graduated" from "Princess" to "Diva"!! LOL Ever since her very first sleepover at Missy's house, she's been into Hannah Montana!! LOL We don't really watch the show much, although I was flipping one night & stopped on it because Dolly Parton was on it!! LOL :) It was a cute episode... Anyways, I digress... She's SO into glitter & lip gloss!! She's also into her sandbox!! That's been her favorite thing to play in this summer!! One day I had Katie while Mom & Dad were on vacation, so we filled up her kiddie pool & had the lid to the sandbox open, and in 30 minutes I was wondering which was the sandbox, and which was the pool!! GROSS!! But, they had fun, and took REALLY good naps that day!! LOL She had some kind of viral something a couple of weeks ago, and that turned into an ear infection...She was put on antibiotics & is fine, now...We've actually been celebrating Christmas in July this week!! :) Not really doing much of anything, but we've listened to Anne Murray, and were supposed to have some friends over tomorrow for a party of sorts, but that's been rescheduled til next a consolation prize, she got to spend the night @ Mammy's house tonight!! LOL I bought her a cute little cheerleader outfit @ Target (it was clearenced!! WOOHOO!!) as a little "CIJ" gift, and will give it to her tomorrow...I was starting to think I was really doing this for me until she asked me today, "Mommy, is tomorrow Christmas in July?!?!" When I said yes, she said, "YAAAAYYYYYY!!!" So, she's excited about it, and it's's our little thing :)

Eli~ What a sweet baby!! He's a WONDERFUL nighttime sleeper!! I couldn't have asked for a better night sleeper!! After that first dr.'s visit we haven't woken him up for one feeding, and he's steadily slept longer & longer!! :) He averages between 6-8 hrs. a night!! Again I say WOOHOO!! :) During the day is a little different, although he's getting a little better about that... He's a cat-napper during the day, which means I don't really get any housework done until late at night when they're both in bed...but that's okay, because once my head hits the pillow, I am OUT!! :) He's also smiling & cooing!! A lot!! He's just stinkin' adorable!! :) Mom was feeding him today at the mall & I looked over at him while she was burping him & just about burst with love!! He was looking right at me, and he was just stinkin' adorable!! :) He visited Dr. Matt on Monday, and weighed in at 12.2lbs!! I didn't get how long he was, but I'm sure he's a whopper!! LOL :) He's growing so fast!!

Me~ I guess I've kinda filled you in on me as we went, huh? LOL I didn't mention, though, that I'm planning an "event" for Christmas this year @ church. I think I mentioned it last year some, but we're actually doing it this year, "A Night in Bethlehem." It's an awesome community outreach, and that's where our church's focus has been shifting lately...Let me tell you, we've been VERY tempted to start going to the Vineyard in Kettering with Mom, Dad & Chelle, but we know that that's what we want, not where God's leading us right now. I think that would be the easy way out, not necessarily what's right, ya know? ANYWAYS, I've decided to stop complaining about procedure because I can't control what others do, only what I do. And if I want things to change (and they HAVE to change, or else we will leave, I can tell you that much), then it has to start with me, and that means no more griping (to myself or anyone else) about how bad things are, and start making decisions about the way things should be...**officially off my soap box** :) Actually, that statement up there came from my Dad...He was my Sunday School teacher for most of my teen years & those kinds of things just stick, ya know? :)

Alright, I'd better go...Thinking of you Sara & Kelley!! :) Has Sara had Baby Boy, yet?!?! I saw her last post about it, but didn't know when "Baby Day" was, officially...

Okay, love you all!! And, hope you all have a great weekend!! :)

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Kelley said...

Girl, it's been forever! Sara has her baby tomorrow (Friday). And I'm ready on August 12th! I'm ready!

Sorry about the church stuff going on. It's hard to choose between what you want and what God wants you to do. Praying that things will get better and God will give you a clear path to choose!!!!

The pictures are beautiful! I love pictures of siblings....they are sooooo filled with love!

Lots of Love!