Thursday, June 26, 2008

ER, Birthday Party,Girl's Night, and other exciting stories...

Hello, Strangers!! :) haha :) This is the first chance I've had since my last post to get here & actually post again, but the last time I checked, I'm not the only one!! LOL (meaning my cousins!!) Anyways...

So, THANK YOU all very much for your prayers over my ER incident. I don't know what my Dad told you, Missy, but I didn't have chest pains, but my legs were still SuPeR swollen (and my dr. thought one was more so than the other) and that, along with my 'breathing' problem (I would wake up in the middle of the night & couldn't "catch my breath" was always worse in the middle of the night...) Dr. H sent me straight to the ER in Kettering (and now I know it was the Wed. before Brian went there, we kept 'em busy that week!!) That was around 3:30/4ish & we didn't leave there until midnight...

While we were there, I had a ginormous migraine. It was seriously the worst thing I've ever experienced. I had been fighting a bad headache since that Monday (Memorial Day) and the 800mg motrin I was taking was just dulling it, not really getting rid of it...While we were waiting at the ER my meds wore off & I experienced the Migraine from you-know-where...seriously, I don't use that term very often, so you know how bad it was!! So, while they ordered a chest scan to check for possible blood clots, they ordered a head scan, too...

LOOOONG story short, everything came back normal, and they sent me home (Oh, yeah, after they gave me one awesome muscle relaxer for my headache...FINALLY!!) They also gave me lasik (sp?) that removes any *extra* kind of fluid anywhere in your body, so my ankles looked better than they did in 9mos!! They never actually told me why I was breathing funny, if it was wierd congestion, or what I think happened, a hyperventilating situation (anxiety attack...never had one of those before...pretty scary...) ANYWAYS, like I said, I'm fine, and have started feeling better ever since (so the swelling was probably not a good thing, either).

So, fastforward through some short nights, post-partum blue days (it was worse this time than I remember it being with Abbey), and we come to my "surprise" kinda was a surprise...until Friday night before...He started acting really weird about dinner. We were grilling out, actually earlier than normal, and I decided that as a side-dish we use the new pan he got for Father's day & roast some potatoes for dinner with our hamburgers & hot dogs...Well, when the burgers were ready (he forgot the hot dogs, which I didn't think anything of), he hurriedly took the potatoes off the grill & threw them in a serving dish...I asked if he had tried one, he said no (also not weird) & so I tried was still pretty full of frustration he took them back out on the grill & we just ate the burgers while we waited...Then, he goes out & brings 'em in, I tried one, still pretty raw, Abbey's only eaten 1/2 of her burger & he hasn't eaten any, and he says, "Come on, Abbey, let's go to the store..." I said, Steve, it's only 7p.m., there's time to go to the store later... He says, this store closes at 8p.m. (I'm thinking Hobby Lobby, maybe?) So, they hop right out of there...then I get a call around 10:30p.m. saying that they're almost done at the store, and what are they building by your Mom & Dad's house? DUH!! :) I had pretty much figured out by this time that they weren't just "going to the store" & that there were bigger plans going on here. When Abbey came home (around midnight, btw) she says, "I saw my Mammy!!" Steve said, "Abbey!!" She says, "I didn't say anything!!" LOL I said, "Abbey, do you & Daddy have secrets?" She says, "Nope, a Surprise!!"

I met with my share group that morning, went to the church car wash (I didn't wash cars!! LOL) and then we went home & got ready for *a-hem* Young's Jersey Dairy (which was code for "PARTY") Anyways, we got there, I wasn't expecting it to be where it was!! LOL & had a great time!! That kareoke equipment was AWESOME!! :) I wish I had some at home!! :) It was so much fun!! We took it over to Matt & Chelle's the next night (we got it all weekend!! because he rented it on Friday, but they're closed the whole weekend, so didn't have to return it until Monday) & had a blast!! :) That was lots of fun!! :)

Then, by Tuesday I was ready for a girls' night out!! Chelle, Amy & I saw "Made of Honor" with McDreamy, and it was very good...then we went out for dinner & ice cream at Friendly's...I was just in some MAJOR need of no-kids-allowed time, ya know? I love my kiddos, but I've been going a little crazy, especially on Mondays when Steve doesn't get home until 10:30 or later...Plus, I just hadn't had girl time & was ready for girl talk...they understand how I feel about being a Mom better than Steve!! LOL

Anyways, that's where I'll end it, and if you've read til now, go you!! LOL :) There was lots in there, and of course it's been so long, so I've left LOTS out, so for that, you're welcome!! HAHA!! :)

Love you all!! :) Here's a few pics!! :)


Kelley said...

Those are some cutey pie pictures! I love that onsie that he's wearing!

Sounds like you had a great party. What a nice surprise for you. And I'm so glad that you got some girl time! I know it's much needed!

Lots of Love!

Sara said... the pictures!!!! Okay, what was the party for or did I miss that? Glad you got some girl time too! You'll have to give me more details on how it is with 2 kiddos now. I've got 4 weeks to "prepare" myself....(yeah, right) Glad to hear from you!!

Love ya!

Missy said...

Glad you FINALLY posted! The party was fun...and we would've come over if we knew you still had the karoke machine! That was fun!!! And I LOVED the Idol Judges!

Glad you had some Girl time...that is so important!!!

Love ya!