Saturday, October 13, 2007

Blah....That's how I've been feeling lately...I'm really trying NOT to complain...but yesterday was really bad. I felt REALLY awful all day...but today woke up raring to go!! Well, sorta!! LOL :) At least I got a shower & I feel like cleaning the house (well, as much as anyone, excluding Missy & Kelley, can WANT to clean the house!! LOL just teasing, girlies :) )

Anyways, enough of that, now. Really, I'm not complaining. I'm just not used to feeling THAT out of commission...With all my other pregnancies, I've never felt that bad, even in the beginning, and even though yesterday I never actually got sick, I definately felt like I could at any moment...

Other than feeling sick this week, it's been a pretty "hoppin'" one., well, I guess Monday wasn't hoppin'...I watched Katie, and Steve had the day off. We were GOING to put out our fall display, but that didn't happen...Maybe he'll put out the bail of straw we've got today...Anyways, Tuesday I watched Katie again, but only for 1/2 the time I did on Monday. We had eyebrow appointments, and that was good. We went to Logan's afterwards, and did you know that on Monday & Tuesdays they have a 2 can dine for 12.99 deal? Full-size meals, 2 sides & everything, plus their rolls & stuff...So, since the boys weren't with us (Dad met us there, though) Chelle & I shared a check so we could pay pretty much half price for our meals. Oh, and kids meals are only $2!! But, Mom & Dad paid for the girls :) I thought that was nice :)

Wednesday I didn't feel wonderful, but I had a Women's Retreat meeting, so forced myself to get ready. It was a great meeting, and I did end up feeling a little better. Abbey & I ate KFC for dinner, and they were out of chicken breasts!! That's what I ordered, the one piece chicken breast dinner, and they didn't tell me they were out of chicken breasts until AFTER I paid...that ticked me off a little, and they offered to give me other cuts of chicken, but I don't really like other cuts of chicken...I like the white meat of chicken breasts!! LOL Anyways, they said it'd be about 15 minutes before the new batch of chicken would be ready, and I said I'd wait, but could I get the rest of my meal & my daughter's meal, please? So, they did. Oh, I forgot to mention that they were out of biscuits, too, but she told me that before I paid, and said I could substitute the biscuit for a side if I wanted. That was OK with me, so I had 3 sides & was waiting on my chicken. Abbey was eating her hotdog & mac & cheese, so all was right with the world. Then, they really impressed me. The girl who took my order brought out my chicken breast (original, btw!! LOL) and brought me a biscuit complete with butter & honey for my trouble. Then, the manager said, "Oh, here, give her this chicken breast while you're out there Jenny." (I don't know what that girl's name was, so we'll call her Jenny.) Anyway, Jenny said, "I just gave her the chicken & a biscuit, and the manager says, "Oh, well, give this to her anyway." I thought that was really nice!! :) I am a firm believer in it's no big deal when a restaraunt messes up, but it's HOW THEY HANDLE THE MESS-UP that's the most important.

So, after that dining experience at KFC, we picked Steve up & went to Wed. night church. Those have been going VERY well!! We used to have Awana on Wed. nights, but this year we've postponed Awana until next year, because of the lack of volunteers we've had. I've got issues, not with Awana being postponed, but with the attitude of the Awana leadership...Long story, and there's LOTS of issues there, but I won't go into them here...ANYWAYS, even while Awana was running, and way before Awana ever started, instead of what I would call a traditional Wednesday night service, we've always had what's called "Wednesday Night Uplift." (now referred to as WNU). It's a much smaller, more intimate service, mainly because there's not nearly as many people there on Wed. that are there on Sunday mornings.

Let me back up a little bit. I haven't really gone into it here, but we've had some deep issues at church for over the past year. It's had to do, mainly, with a certain family in our church, and THEIR issues, and the sins of the Grandfather (yes, you're probably thinking the right thing). Anyways, this sin has effected the whole church, not because of unforgiveness, although, it's obvious that there are some who are still harboring unforgiveness towards him, but it's all about trusting him. He's been removed from his home, and is not allowed to be on the same premisis as his grandchildren (he & his wife have/had custody of their grandchildren). Anyways, this has pretty much split the church, not as equal as you might think, but it's split it, nonetheless, and even though not a lot of people have actually left, yet, there has been this terrible evil spirit in our midst. It's not pleasant, and it's very frustrating. We've only had one business meeting about this, and it was even after this grandfather withdrew his church membership, but people were able to air out their questions, concerns, etc...It became evident to me, though, that the majority of the "split" was between the older, forgive-and-forget set, and the younger, not-about-forgiveness-we-can't-trust-him-with-our-young-children set. That is not exclusive to the actual "drawn lines" but my very-generalized categories. Now, there are other issues within our church, too, and this whole issue with this family has just stirred everyone's emotions & stuff, but we've other for one, and the leadership is actually looking at selling our building & starting over that way, until we can actually work up the money BEFORE building a new building (which is NOT how the founding members & leaders did it). Anyways, there's lots going on at our church. There have been many Sundays and other occasions where I have NOT wanted to go anywhere near our church. I'm still thinking that in the next couple of weeks I want to go to church with Mom & Dad (they go to the Vineyard in Kettering). Chelle's been going with them, too, and I just am longing to go to a place of worship where I can be filled & not expected to DO anything!! LOL :) I need a church vacation. I don't feel the Spirit telling us to leave COTC, so I'm not saying a permanent leave of absence, just a vacation Sunday.

So, back to Wednesday night uplift...The numbers on Wed. have ALWAYS been low...There's never been more than 10 in the last 2 years, and, yes, mainly because everyone was working Awana, but even before that, there was never a huge crowd.

Then, this past summer, the Elders happened upon a book called "Simple Church." It's not a church model book, or "you need this many programs to have a successful church," it's, simple than that!! LOL It talks about having a CLEAR PROCESS of MAKING DISCIPLES. That makes sense, right, and you're thinking, duh, isn't that what churches are supposed to be doing? The hard reality is that there aren't very many churches who are...Stagnant growth, or NO growth, is the norm for most churches, because we make things too complicated. This isn't even about having too many church programs or services!! This is about the PROCESS of MAKING DISCIPLES. We have lost our focus, and tend to FOCUS on the PROGRAM instead of the PEOPLE, instead of the PROCESS of MAKING DISCIPLES. So, I'm not saying that small groups, Awana, Sunday School, VBS are bad things, but if not used right in the PROCESS can become ineffective because we're focusing on offering a program, instead of WHY we're offering the program. HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS BOOK!! :) And, that's what our Wed. nights are about. How do we make disciples? What does Jesus say? Truth is, Jesus is the author of simple.

Okay, so, all of that to say, Wednesday nights are very good, and we're headed for change in our church. I can feel it, and I know that things HAVE to change, or we won't have a church family anymore...

Anyways, things have been slowly, but surely, getting better...We've simplified a few things already. For instance, we have PT on Thursday nights, and have changed them to Wednesday nights before WNU. This cuts down on the number of nights everyone has to commit to per week (we have some people from Fairborn & surrounding towns like that who have to drive all the way to Huber anywhere from 2-4 nights a week!! How insane is that?!?!) Anyways, as a team, we decided, that since we were mostly all there for WNU anyway, to go ahead & meet about an hour beforehand & practice. That is one step towards simplicity, with more to follow. We've also decided to postpone A Night in Bethlehem until next year, too. With the way I've been feeling lately, I'm just unpredictable, plus we as a church family just need more time to heal & recouperate after this tumultuous year & 1/2. I just can't tell you how drained everyone is, and it's not just being "overcommitted." It's this evilness that's attacked our church family with a vengence. I'm a little disappointed about A Night in Bethlehem, but I'd rather wait a year & do it to the best of our ability, than to do a half-shod job of it now, ya know? It's a very important family/community outreach event, and I (and the rest of the people I've spoken to about it) have agreed that we, as a church family, aren't at the place in our healing to support (financially & staff-wise) a program like that this year.

Okay, enough church stuff...I told you a few weeks ago that there's been stuff like that weighing heavily on my mind, and that's why I was sharing so much...Anyways...blah blah blah...can't wait for American Idol to come back!! LOL :)

I have been pretty excited about "The Office" this year. I don't know if any of you watch it or not, but it's about the only show I tune in to watch until Idol. I like "Earl," too, but Steve likes that one, too, and we've DVR'd them, and haven't had time to watch 'em all, yet...But, Office has been VERY good!! LOL :)

Better go...if you've read it all, then you get a gold star & a big "THANK YOU FOR HANGING IN THERE!" :) LOL Love you all :)


Yours Truly said...

I haven't commented forever! Congratulations! I hope you are feeling well. Take care of yourself, girl!

I resent your invite to my blog.

Love ya!

Kelley said...

Hey Mandy!
I hope things are going well. We miss you so much. Hope your Christmas was wonderful and that you are taking care of yourself! Lots of Love!