Thursday, March 29, 2007

Hey, ya'll!! :) Don't fall out of your computer chair...I realize this is 2 posts inside of one week!! LOL

So, I've just been online perusing church websites, and WOW, my church is WAY out of date...It looks like we've just met the internet!! LOL And, the funny thing is how many techno-nerds we have in our church, and the website is still pretty antique (but not a cool antique, if you know what I mean!! LOL). Anyways, I've asked to fiddle around with the software & see if I can help improve it some, and Pastor's agreed!! :) He just doesn't have time to add that kind of responsibility to his plate. Nor should he. There are more important things for him to worry about. What's so funny, too, is that the pictures of our ministry leaders are from way before Steve & I started going there, and our Worship Minister is holding a TODDLER who is now in 2nd grade!! LOL Just a *little* behind!! LOL

So, along withWomen's Ministry, Sunday School, Children's Church one Sunday a month, the bulletin board (which I'll have to take a picture of for you after I'm completely finished!! TOO CUTE!! LOL), I'm adding church website webmaster!! LOL I was laughing with Pastor that I'm pretty much a nerd when it comes to web design & html stuff...Not that you all didn't know that!! LOL I thought about sharing my blog site with him, just so he could see what I was capable of, but I don't know that I feel comfortable with my Pastor really seeing what a big dork I am!! LOL

Today, after Abbey's nap, we're heading to Beavercreek. I need to take back a Bible cover that doesn't fit my Bible, and I'd like to check out their Easter music. I'm thinking that if there's a decent song left, I might sing Easter Sunday. We'll's worth a check into...

Did you know that today is Fish Day? Who knew?!?! I think when Abbey wakes up, we're going to make a colorful fish (construction paper & torn up tissue paper). We might do something with fish crackers, too, we'll have to see about that...I got a book at Family Christian Bookstore in the clearance bin called "Every Day a Holiday: Celebrations for the Whole Year!" by Silvana Clark. Very good book, and interesting. Along with learning all the weird "National Fish Day" type holidays, they all come with some ideas on how to celebrate!! :) Very fun!! :) And, of course, all the big holidays are in there, too, but I like learning a little about the smaller unfamiliar ones, too.

So, anyways...

I'd better go. I need to clean up the living room/kitchen areas. During TOM the house gets a LOT out of control because I'm crampy & not really up to par...So, now it's time for damage control...

Talk to ya'll later!! :)

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Kelley said...

I almost freaked out with 2 posts this week! That book sounds really neat. You find the coolest stuff! I need to go shopping with you...though that would be a weekend trip!

I can't believe you've added something else to your plate. You are a crazy woman!

Lots of Love!