Monday, September 22, 2014

Homeschool, Healthiness & No Debt Part 2

So, hey! Look at me blogging, continuing on this journey with you in less than a week! The second half of this craziness in record time for me. Sometimes my mind wanders back to the times when I blogged on an almost daily basis. Then, I think, Facebook happened & keeping in touch was a bit easier than blogging.

So, Yay me, for some continuity!

This time I want to share about the debt-free weirdness. We have been listening to Dave Ramsey. Yes. The totally weird millionaire who once went bankrupt & then changed it all around again by using common sense and wisdom gleaned from wise money people. And is, again, a multimillionaire. Because he had the courage to be weird.

This being weird stuff is not for the faint of heart.

It's not easy being weird.

Just ask the Amish. Their lives are hard without all the benefits from technology.

Steve & I have been talking about working to get debt-free for forever. Y'all, it is hard to get started. We haven't gone through Financial Peace University, but we do have Dave's book "The Total Money Makeover" & are working our way through it. We also listen to The Dave Ramsey Show almost daily to keep us on track & motivated!

We are working it, though. Imperfectly, since we're just learning, but we are passionate about it. We know that it will only benefit us, our family, and honor God in the long run.

Add in the healthiness thing, and people look at us like we are Amish. Ha!!

Note: I have linked a few things to Dave's website because I just believe that much in his ministry. We are not affiliated with his website in any way, which means, I'm not compensated for those links or sharing anything about Dave Ramsey whatsoever. I just appreciate someone else who is weird like me.

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