Thursday, March 03, 2011

I'm Late for this Week; But Stay Tuned

I don't share a lot about our homeschooling journey, at least not the day-to-day stuff, so I thought this would be a neat blog-hop to join. I have only joined a blog-hop once before, and I had fun, so I thought I'd do it again. My goal for this blog has evolved a bit, and I'd love to share more than just crafts, more than just homeschooling, more than just Mommyhood... My life is an eccentric blend of all of this, so I'm hoping my blog will follow suit :) Anyways, here goes :)

The Homeschool Mother’s Journal

In my life this week... I have been dealing with a few challenges in my life this week. Pretty personal because I am dealing with the consequences of others' actions, but I can definitely say, with complete confidence, that walking through this "stuff" I have heard the Lord speak more clearly to me through His Word, His people, and through music than I have in way too long. I have constantly been reminded that He Is who He says He Is, regardless of circumstance. Regardless of the messes we find ourselves wrapped in. He is awesome, as always, regardless of life.

In our homeschool this week... Abbey has been LOVING her new Explode the Code workbooks. They have really helped me & have spoken to her weaker vowel recognition (not that it was horrible, but I am hopeful that these workbooks will just reinforce & help her gain confidence with the vowel sounds). I am so frustrated with Math, though. The original plan this year was to do Math-U-See, but it is pretty expensive. SO, we did little math workbooks & whatever for a fill-in, and I was just so disappointed & felt lacking & not prepared. So, I went ahead and bought McRuffy stuff. It's OK, but the "complete" kit didn't come complete with manipulatives, and they are pretty important for the curriculum... ARGH!! So, we are slowly waiting on the pieces of manipulatives that I've ordered through the mail. On the up side,
though, she is really excited about getting to "play with her new blocks" & such :)

Places we're going and people we're seeing... We've been to church (sometimes it feels like we live there), Waffle House (during Eli's class on Tuesday), and Perkins (during Eli's class today), and their first trip to Cheesecake Factory...and their last for a VERY VERY LONG TIME. It was unbelievably expensive for all of us to eat there... WOWZA!! Definitely a bit of a
sticker shock!! LOL

My favorite thing this week was...
probably the loosey-goosey Tuesday & Thursday mornings while Eli was in class. We usually go to the Library & get a lot done there, but it was nice to break from our normal schedule this week & take it easy. I think we both needed that. Also, I have LOVED watching Eli color this week!! He went from scribbling to trying to stay in the lines in a week!! AMAZING!! :) And, he can count to 10 by himself!! Again, Amazing because he went from saying Mommy & Daddy to saying just about everything, including numbers!! In order!! :) It's been awesome to see that!!

What's working/not working for us... The TV is NOT working for us. Most of our struggles is OVER the TV. I know that I have been mostly to blame over this, and especially when I'm sick, or the kids are sick, we turn to the TV for help, but it has gotten pretty out of control. Dual issues: Too much TV & not following the rules. They have been taught from in
fancy (LOL) to NOT TURN ON THE TV without asking. Yet, Abbey, especially, has just been ignoring this rule, I think to see how far she can get without us noticing. And, really, if she's sneaky & I'm in here getting stuff off the computer, she can get away with it for a time without us noticing. But I'm afraid a complete un-plug is about to happen. Lord, give me strength... :)

Homeschool questions/thoughts I have... I am REALLY missin
g the support & resources from our PEACH meetings. I know I need this, and I have really gotten a lot out of the meetings. The field trips have been exceptional, too, for me & Abbey (& Eli). It is so easy to get discouraged & weary without support from others walking this path, too.

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The Homeschool Mother's Journal


MissMOE said...

Beautiful pictures! Homeschooling can be a stressful journey--support is so important.

RachelT said...

Oh boy! It sounds like you have had a tough week. We all have those! When my son has TV issues (turning on the TV when he is not supposed to), I give him one warning and tell him that if he turns it on without permission again, then he will not be able to watch it the rest of the whole day. So, if he turns it on during a school morning, for instance, then he won't be able to watch it after his schoolwork is done or in the evening. Maybe that would help if you just give a one day consequence and follow through with it, if needed. Just a thought. I hope this week is better!