Tuesday, September 28, 2010

I {Heart} Fall

I love this time of year!! The weather getting cooler, the hoodies come out, and the anticipation of Christmas starts like a little whisper in the wind...

I know, a little mushy from me, but this time of year brings it out of me!! LOL :)

I have to share my latest creation. That's the whole reason I set aside time to post!! HA!! :) I am so proud of myself!! It's the first wreath I've made that doesn't scream "First Timer" or "Hobby Crafter"!! LOL It's simple, not too overdone, and it has one of my favorite trends...MONOGRAMS!! :) LOVE IT!! :) I can hardly believe I made it!! :) LOL

OK, here are pics :)

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Since I haven't shared a whole lot from this past summer, let me give you a peek at what it looked like!! :)

Happy Fall, Ya'll!! :)

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Anonymous said...

HI Mandy, Just going through my old blog links & found yours...wow, kiddos have grown! Nice to catch up a little bit!