Friday, July 03, 2009

In The Good Ol' Summertime

Hello, fellow bloggers...although, my ring of bloggers have been pretty quiet lately... I think people are REALLY addicted to Facebook. And, that's cool... But I still enjoy blogging...

Check out my "Diet" blog, cause I posted a new one about that part of my journey :) I'm OK.

We're pretty busy around here!! I can't believe I did it, but I signed Abbey up for Fairborn Girl's Softball (the season only lasted a month & 1/2!!), and I cried at her dance recital, AND rehearsal... And, now we're gearing up for the beach in August!! :) WOO HOO!! :) I haven't been to the beach since 1999!! Can you believe it?!?! Haha, so I guess I'm gonna party like it was 1999!! Yep, still dorky!! LOL But, seriously, SO EXCITED!! And, so is Abbey!! She's so sure she's gonna "surf" and I will be surprised if she gets in the ocean beyond her knees!! LOL :) She is so my daughter!! :)

Eli's doing great!! He turned one, and still isn't walking by himself, yet, but that doesn't stop him from getting into trouble!! He's into EVERYTHING... But he's a sweetheart!!

Steve's doing well. He started a new job on base back at the end of April, and is loving it!! It's in a new building, with a lot of new, different people, and he's really enjoying himself there. He will probably get a pay raise in the fall sometime...just in time for Christmas!! :) WOOHOO!! :)

So, here's some more exciting news!! I, who have never won anything except when EVERYONE gets a prize (you, know, work parties & that sort of thing), won $1,000 in gift cars to Meijer!! That was pretty awesome!! We've been doing the majority of our shopping there (DUH!!), and it's just been a blessing...

OK, I'd better get moving...I'd like to head to Hobby Lobby after Steve's done mowing the lawn... I'm making "Christmas in July" party invites!! :) It's only a few weeks away!! :)

Love you all, and see most of you on Facebook!! :)


Kelley said...

That is great about the new job! What a great new beginning! What's he doing now?

Glad you're doing well. I'm still blogging, but facebook has me hooked!

Lots of Love!

Missy said...

WAHOO about the Meijer winning! How cool is that?!?!? Congrats and I am sure that has been a blessing!!!

Can't wait to hear your beach stories. My kids all love playing in the sand....but Gracie really didn't when she was Eli's age. She hated to be dirty, I think. It will be fun to see their reaction!!!

Love ya!

Lindsey said...

Thanks for your comment on my last blog entry!

I've enjoyed reading yours, especially the latest with all the updates! I love the pics of Eli and Abby -- they are too precious. Keep up the blogging!