Thursday, October 23, 2008

So, this is a first. I've never blogged at the library before!! LOL

I'm here, waiting on my daughter while she's in Leapfrogs, a free story/craft time here at the library. We came last week & she LOVED it, so here we are, back for more. I think this is a great thing to incorporate into our weekly schedule.

ANYWAYS, not much really going on here... HAHAHAHAHA

Yeah, right :)

Steve's still recuperating from his carpal tunnel surgery, and gets very frustrated since he can't really lift baby boy (I have to place him in his left arm if he needs/wants to hold him), and he definately can't clean out the garage right now. Which is a bummer because I just realized that I have a couple of tubs out there with my warm/winter clothes in them... **sigh**

Abbey's taking dance classes & is loving that, too. She's such a sneak, though. I've caught her in her room this week with a MARKER writing on her walls, her Princess table & her little princess vanity table, AND, she smuggled in some of my acrylic paint (BROWN) & was doing heaven knows what with it... She got into some major trouble this week...

ANYWAYS, she has been funny, too. Here's part of the conversation we had after that awful day...there were other issues this day, too, if memory serves...

Mommy: "Abbey, you are 4 years old, and you are more than able to put your own clothes away in your drawers after Mommy folds them."
Abbey: "You mean, like Cinderella?"

Part of me wanted to laugh out loud & part of me wanted to wring her little neck!! LOL (Just a figure of speech for the casual passer-by). So, Steve & I went on to tell her the difference between how Cinderella was treated & how SHE was acting...She didn't like being referred to as an ugly step-sister.

Eli's been doing great!! He's in that stage where he doesn't really know what to do with himself, yet. We REALLY need an exersaucer. We lent/gave ours to Matt & Chelle & they had a flood this past spring, & that was in the basement, so it was lost. It was a freebie to us, anyway. I think we'll look at Once Upon a Child for one. I think that will help him occupy himself & see what's going on & satisfy that wanting to see Mama thing :)

I'm going to the EWomen's conference this weekend with some ladies from my church. We're doing that instead of a traditional fall retreat (traditional for us, anyway). I'm really looking forward to the speakers!! Lisa Whelchel will be there, Chonda Pierce, Thelma Wells, Mark Shultz, and a few others...I'm SO looking forward to it!! :) We're staying in a hotel & eating out...Just like a girl's night!! :)

Okay, I'd better go... I don't want to spend all this free time online :)

Love ya!! :)


Sara said...

Your "retreat" sounds like fun! I love Chonda Pierce! That's hysterical about Abbey referring to herself as Cinderella!!!! ha ha!

Kelley said...

See, that's something I won't be able to say to the three boys (well, I better not have to! LOL). I LOVE Chonda Pierce...lucky duck!
Lots of Love!