Saturday, February 09, 2008

My Princess Abbey is FOUR!! I can't believe how fast she's growing up!! Last Saturday was so much fun...First, we went to Sweet & Sassy (I think Missy's mentioned this's a salon/spa-like place for girls, but it's really so much more than that...hard to explain...) Anyways, she got her hair cut (just shoulder-length) but it makes her look SO much older!! After we got done there, we went to CiCi's pizza to get a big enough section. I couldn't remember if that was the CiCi's with the party room or not, so we got there early to get the big back section by the video games. CiCi's was NOT busy, but their party room was full, even though the people left before any of our guests showed up. I had already started decorating a little (just because it's @ a pizza place doesn't mean we can't add a little pink!! LOL). It was fun!! :) I got a little overly confident with the time @ CiCi's (we met there around 4/4:30, and were supposed to be at Build-A-Bear around 6p.m.) So, I looked at my cell phone (I had it out so I could keep an eye on the time ::roll eyes::), and it was around 4:30, and we were all sitting down eating & I relaxed...then it was 5:20 & I freaked!! :) I felt bad, because we had to rush through her presents, but it was a definate time crunch. Somehow, I think because we didn't have to clean up, we made it to Build-A-Bear on time. The girls were SO cute!! :) They do this whole thing when they get the hearts for their bears, and they did so well!! The worst one of 'em was my daughter!! We were going with no nap, and she was DEFINATELY a Birthday Diva...I have no idea where she gets that from!! LOL She about slept the whole day away on Sunday...but MAN did she need it!! LOL :)

Today's my husband's 32nd birthday!! :) What an old man!! hehehe He actually has the day off of BOTH jobs & we've just kinda hung out this morning...It's been SO nice!! :) I love my husband...that's one of the good things about spending so much time apart, I guess, is the softening towards his faults that comes from not taking for granted who he is...Blah blah blah...I know that's not a new thing..."Distance makes the heart grow fonder..." but as Dr. Phil would say, there's a reason for those cliche sayings!! :)

Okay, I'd better go. I've got to move these two along...I'm thinking we need to take a trip to the mall before a party we're going to tonight. I didn't get Steve anything big for his birthday, yet, and want him to peruse Dick's Sporting Goods...Chick Fil-A sounds good, too!! hehehe

Love you all!! Take care!! :)


Missy said...

WOW...Steve is old! LOL Just kidding! How did we get here? It seems like just yesterday we were MUCH

My kids (and Scott) had a great time at the Build-A-Bear party! Faith Anne talked about it all week. I am sorry I missed that part - but the Cici's part was fun! And I agree with you that it just seemed like the time creeped up on us! The girls were adorable together...all of them! Great party!

Are you going on your Emmaus walk soon? I think I heard that rumor flying around...let me know!

Love ya!!!

Kelley said...

So glad the party went well. Seems like the time flies with our children. Sorry about the fit. I have no clue how the kids make it on party day. Mine have always taken a HUGE nap afterwards too.

Happy Birthday to your hubby!

And Chick-Fil-A....sounds delish!
Lots of Love!

Sara said...

Happy Birthday to your hubby! We're 2 days apart....(and 2 years...he he) Glad Abbey had a good birthday and I hope Steve did too! Love ya!