Tuesday, July 31, 2007

I just feel the need to blog tonight...does that happen to anyone else? I realize I've been MIA this summer, but there have been a few times where I've just wanted to stop everything & blog!! LOL So, tonight I did!! LOL

VBS is REALLY CLOSE!! Less than 2 weeks away, now!! :) I'm not really nervous about things not working out right...I'm just ready to stop talking about it, and DO it, ya know? We've got quite a few things going on, though, in order to get ready for it...One is, we're selling VBS T-shirts this year, (for a very cheap price, and a great profit margin), but the catch is we're making them ourselves...They're not hard to do, and they're VERY cute, but it's just one more thing to have to worry about...Anyways, I'm also getting excited about the set design & stuff...We have to construct a puppet area this year, and there's nothing we can use on the stage already (like a baptismal someone could sit in or whatever...) so, we have to make a "puppet stage" that will blend in with the rest of the themed scenery...and, let me just say, my scrapbooking/paper piecing experience is definately going to come out!! We're making a huge tree out of bulletin board paper, and lots of flowers & stuff...VERY COOL, and pretty easy, really, when the teens & older kiddos help out...Anyways, I'm looking forward to it...I'll have to take pictures again & let you see it...I'm not painting as much as I thought I would have to, either...SO, THAT's GOOD!! :) We'll probably try & keep the puppet thing neutral, but I can use cardboard squares to paint "buggy" pictures on...

Sorry, just thinking "out loud."

Okay, after VBS, we'll start gearing up for Reunion & vacation at the beginning of September!! I can't believe it's so close already...Unbelievable!! Mom & Dad, Chelle, me, and the girls are all going back to the Smokies again after Reunion. That's always such a great week to go, and most of the hotels are cheaper that week, too...So, REALLY looking forward to that!! :)

Then, in October, our Women's Retreat is coming up...The last weekend of October, to be exact...I'm excited about that, too, but we need to get more "on the ball" with that...I've been saying to myself, "After VBS is over, I can really focus more on Women's Retreat..." blah blah blah...

Then, in November, just a few weeks after Women's Retreat, is our Church Bazaar...and guess who crafts for that?!?! LOL Yep!! I actually work there that weekend (Fri & Sat) personalizing ornaments & such...Well, like the ones I showed you like I did last year...I posted those pics, right? That's what I do (mostly) for the bazaar...

Really, though, it's already time to start thinking about a Christmas play, too...I'm really not into all this "production" stuff!! LOL I feel like everything I do is a big "production"!! LOL I'm hoping everyone will be OK with what we did last year...It went well, and we can always use what we learned about doing it last year, as far as set-up & stuff...It can grow, and we can advertise in the community more...

So, always busy busy busy!! LOL I did step down from doing Fellowship (it's a team of people on a rotation that bring in snacks for after church on Sundays). That was just always something I was always forgetting & my heart just wasn't in it...Plus, I need to just let a few things go, ya know? Just because I "stay at home" doesn't mean I have more time for everything else!! A lesson I'm really learning right now!! LOL

I've been wondering about Sunday School & Children's Church, too...I only have CC once a month, but sometimes it can be a little too much since I'm on the Praise & Worship team, too...So, we'll see...We were talking tonight about changing up Children's Church a little, and just re-organizing it & putting more structure (as far as designating each Sunday to a "theme" like "Movie Time Sunday" & "Game Sunday" & "Craft Sunday" etc... I like what Bethany does, too, and has a "Family Sunday"...that could be the 5th Sunday when there is one so it's not all the time...interesting...have to talk to Traci about that one...)

So, lots of stuff going on...especially with church. I really love working like that in the church, and planning fun stuff & things like that. I just want to always check my heart-motive. I always want it to be for God's glory, and not because I like that "accomplishment" feeling, ya know? And, in the midst of all the planning, I don't want to lose that heart-motive, either, and get so wrapped up in the work, that I forget the REASON for the work, ya know? I realize we all can struggle with that, and it's just a season in our walk with the Lord...prayers, though? Thank you!! :)

Okay, better go...There are so many other things that don't involve church (I know!! LOL Shocker!! LOL), but I've run out of time...it's after midnight, and Steve turns back into a grump then!! LOL Oops, I mean pumpkin...LOL

Love you all!! :)


Sara said...

I've missed you! Glad you listened to yourself and dropped everything to blog! You sure are busy at church! Sheesh! Maybe you should just keep a sleeping bag and pillow there! LOL. Glad you dropped a couple of things, though. You don't have to do it all!

I think it's great that you keep yourself in check about where your heart is in all of this. Sometimes we get so wrapped up in what we're doing that we forget why we're supposed to be doing it.

Have a good one! Love ya!

Jodi said...

Hey girlie....praying your VBS goes smoothly!

Hey we're going to Gatlinburg after reunion too...I'm getting so excited. Jimmie and I are going with mom and dad and staying in their time share resort. So I'm sure we'll see you around. It doesn't sound like Matt and Steve are going though huh? I was hoping to unload Jimmie with them for a day of golfing or something...well maybe Jimmie Uncle Ronnie and Dad may still do something like that. I really really want to do the Hillbilly Golf thing when we're there this time and also Jimmie and I want to get up in the mountains some.

Sorry - not my journal but I just really am starting to miss Gatlinburg and can't wait to go back!!

Ok also, I had a new idea about meeting halfway sometime....we should all (cousins and even journal pals if they want) plan to meet sometime for dinner and fun at Dave and Busters in Cinci...ok somebody coordinate that please!! lol

again...not my journal...so I'll go...

Love you!

Mandalynn said...

LOL, Dave & Busters is GREAT with me!! It's been a while since I've been...maybe since we went for you 30th Birthday? I don't know...lol Anyways, yeah, sounds good to me!! :)

Also, I know exactly what you mean about missing Gatlinburg...Mike & Gina might be there that week, too, so I'm sure he'll love to go golfing, too, again, if they end up coming...prayers?!?! LOL Anyways...But, no, Matt & Steve aren't going that week. It's cheaper if we leave 'em at home!! LOL

Anyways, I think Steve & I are going to try & go back down there just the 2 of us for our anniversary this year...to celebrate the "7 Year Itch"!! LOL We still giggle about your "2 years of being happily married"!! LOL That was so funny!!

Okay, I know this is my journal, so this is my journal within a journal!! LOL

And, Sara, thanks!! :) It's easy to get wrapped up in service without heart...It's easy to overcommit when your eyes see all the different needs (not 'extras' but actual needs, like Sunday School) that are not being fulfilled. SO, thank you!! I've got to get it through my thick skull that if I volunteer for everything there's a need for, I might be discouraging someone who's heart-motive is more than mine, ya know? I do not want to be an "obstacle" to someone else's service...yada yada yada...

Okay, thanks for commenting!! LOL

Kelley said...

It's people like you that do so much for church...and I admire you so much. BUT...it's also people like you to get burned out, so I love the fact that you have at least dropped one thing. You are doing awesome things for the Lord and I thank you!!!!

Glad you wrote....I was worried about you!

Lots of Love!

Missy said...

So...are you on the salary at your church? LOL I am glad you dropped something too because you don't want to get burnt out. And I LOVED what you said in your comments journal (LOL) about not getting in the way of someone else. That is a very profound statement...and so true!

I have missed keeping up with you guys! We really do need to get together soon.....I just don't want to coordinate it! My life is so crazy right now, I don't know if I am coming or going.....sounds like we are all like that!

Love ya!!!

Sara said...

Okay, I just want to make sure you knew that I was complimenting you and not putting you down about all you do at church....I think it's wonderful and I think you giving up a couple of things is a wise decision! Love ya! (and I wanna go to D&B too! LOL)